Andreas F. Staffel
Andreas F. Staffel

Piano lessons are held on a modern Boston grand (178). Andreas F. Staffel teaches it. Read more about the concept and design of the lessons by Andreas F. Staffel here.

In my piano lessons I pay attention to the inclusion of improvisation, music theory and song accompaniment from the very beginning. The first few weeks I teach without grades. We learn a lot about the instrument and its possibilities.

First of all, we get to know the possibilities of the grand piano. The lessons are held on a modern Boston grand (178). Each student has his own personality. From the very beginning I try to support the various individual objectives. Therefore my lessons are very varied and versatile.

I studied with a wide variety of teachers. Therefore, I do not believe in the one absolute method. I avoid pushing the students in one direction, but instead I gently help them to realize their own way.

In my piano lessons I pay special attention to the use of notation and listening skills. The students learn to play familiar motifs and melodies spontaneously. I also include piano improvisation in the lessons from the very beginning. Starting from pentatonic scales, we learn step by step the manifold melodic, rhythmic and harmonic possibilities of expression (see Improvisation). With a selection of my own technical exercises, the students make progress very quickly, even with small, regular exercises. Specific body and breathing exercises help to relieve tension, but also test anxiety and stage fright. We learn the basic concepts of theoretical and practical harmony theory in a playful way. This enables us to harmonize songs and songs in the first year and to accompany them on the piano. Everything learned at Ohrpheo can be documented with modern recording technology (zoom) and documented as mp3 for personal use. Twice a year, before the holidays, there is the possibility to have a student audition. We issue certificates and recommendations for prospective music students.

Have you become curious. Then meet me at a trial lesson. Trial lessons are free of charge. I look forward to seeing you.

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