Andreas F. Staffel (piano teacher)
Andreas F. Staffel - piano lessons

"Composition is selective improvisation“ (Strawinski)

As a composer, the incorporation of improvisation into instrumental lessons is essential for me. Right from the beginning we begin with unilateral improvisations, in the Fifth-Tone Room (Pentatonic, Diatonic, Chromatic). Later the simple Quint accompaniment is added.

We learn how to improvise with the different types of church pitches and blues scales. Later we will learn two and three-part structures, improvisation on cadences and chord structures. Different forms of accompaniment (Ostinati, Patterns) belong to the lessons as well as the inclusion of walking bass, improvisation via songs, freitonal and atonal improvisation.

Classes are held on our Boston grand piano. It teaches you Andreas F. Staffel. Read here what he writes about his improvisation lessons.

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