15.12.2018 (Saturday)

09:00 pm

Benefit Concert in memoriam Irina Rosanowski

Irina Rosanowski

Inobat Akhmedova | violin
Andreas F. Staffel | piano

Works by Vitali, Rachmaninoff, Mozart, Brahms, Webern und Piazolla
Free admission, donations welcome!

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08.12.2018 (Saturday)

09:00 pm

Reading with music „ADRESSAT UNBEKANNT“

Andreas Bauer, playing double bass

Reading with music „ADRESSAT UNBEKANNT“ by Kathrine Kressmann Taylor

Alexander Stillmark - Reading
Matthias Bauer - Double Bass

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17.10.2018 (Wednesday)

10:00 pm

Movie: The Enforced Disappearance of Sombath Somphone

Sombath Somphone

2018, Ran Quinn, 52 Min., engl OF (deutsche Untertitel)

Vientiane, capital of Lao People's Republic, one of the last remaining communist states on earth. In December 2012, CCTV recordings of the kidnapping of a Laotian community activist by obviously state agents go virally around the world. The EU Parliament, US John Kerry and relatives react with shock and indignation, demanding answers. To this day, the government of Laos denies any participation.

At the pace of a who-done-it thriller, the film documents the life, time and harrowing video evidence of the alleged disappearance of one of Laos's most prominent citizens. Following the film, Shui-Meng Ng, Sombath Somphone's wife, will be present for a discussion. Born in Singapore, she worked for UNICEF in China, East Timor and Laos.

Organized by the Metropolis Kino Hamburg
Sponsored by Engagement Global

Free entrance
Donations welcome

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24.08.2018 (Friday)

10:00 pm

Hommage a Claude Debussy

Claude Debussy - Concert on the centenary of the death

Concert on the centenary of the death of Claude Debussy

Andreas F. Staffel, piano
Herbert Hellendorn, piano

At the special request of my students and friends I will give a piano recital, the first since a long time. The occasion is the hundredth anniversary of the death of Claude Debussy. In addition to works from the Images, the Préludes and the late works such as the Études and the four-handed Épigraphes Antiques, I will premiere my own composition C-A-D-B-Es.

Admission free, donations welcome

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28.06.2018 (Thursday)

10:00 pm

Valentine Buttard, Piano - Benefit Concert for Palestine

Die Konzertpianistin Valentine Buttard

To be non-violent and peace-loving despite violence, is that possible? Namah & Eid from Palestine and Eyal from Israel connect the hope and the dream of a peaceful coexistence, which they will share with us again even if they do not come together this year.

Concert pianist Valentine Buttard (www.valentinebuttard.com) plays the grand piano in support of this peace work. She will play pieces by Johannes Brahms, Claude Debussy, Leoš Janáček and Philippe Hersant. In addition there is a vegan buffet of Manuela Peters (www.manuelapeters-berlin.de) and her catering "Götterspeisen - Essen mit allen Sinnen" as well as small Arabic delicacies.

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22.06.2018 (Friday)

10:00 pm

Bassonor - drei Bässe und ein Schlagzeug

Noriko Okamoto - Kontrabass
Christopher Zabel - E-Bass, Kontrabass, Piccolo-Bass
Henry Mex - Kontrabass, E-Bass, Piccolo-Bass
Raphael Büttner – Schlagzeug

Bassisten agieren im Hintergrund, werden von vielen nur als Begleitmusiker angesehen, obwohl sie die Basis der Musik liefern. Was wenn sie genug von dieser Rolle haben? Ein Projekt gründen, in dem sie sich zum Frontmusiker erklären? So was wie bei Stanley Clarke oder Marcus Miller? Oder deren Bass-Battle-Trio mit Victor Wooten? Nein, das passt nicht zu ihrem bescheidenen Naturell. Eine andere Idee: Gleichgesinnte suchen, ein Ensemble aus Bassisten bilden, in dem man ständig die Rollen tauschen, Solist sein, mal hohe Töne, mal Akkorde wie ein Gitarrist oder Pianist spielen, aber auch einfach nur Bassist bleiben kann.

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18.05.2018 (Friday)

10:00 pm

Portrait concert Herrmann Keller

Conzert in memoriam Herrmann Keller. Renowned artists from the Berlin New Music scene play works by Herrmann Keller.

Klaus Schöpp, flute
Antje Messerschmidt, violin
Thomas Bächli, piano


Trio für Blockflöte, Violoncello und Cembalo (1994)
Catrin Wieland - Blockflöte, Christian Raudszus - Violoncello; Cornelia Maaz – Cembalo
Sternenkind für Violine solo (2011) (UA)
Antje Messerschmidt – Violine
Wer erkennt das in Fetzen eingestreute Lied? für Flöte solo (2017) (UA)
Klaus Schöpp – Flöte
Klavierstücke für Lehrer, Kollegen und Freunde (Auswahl)
Tomas Bächli – Klavier
Freie Improvisation

Admission free, donations welcome

26.03.2018 (Monday)

10:00 pm

Dennis Sobolev (Israel), Electric Guitar

Fausto Romitelli: Trash Tv Trance
Tristan Murail: Vampire
Morton Feldman: The Possibility Of a New Work For Electric Guitar
Amnon Wolman: New Piece(N.N.)
Andreas F. Staffel: Kindled Spirit for Electric Guitar(WP.)

Free admission, donations welcome!

16.02.2018 (Friday)

09:00 pm

Jan Gerdes - Recitals PIANO MINIATURES

Conversation concert as part of our Startnext crowdfunding project

The renowned pianist and performer Jan Gerdes plays, apart from miniatures by Andreas F. Staffel, works by Chopin, Kurtag, Scriabin, Scarlatti, Massive Attack and others.

Selected culinary delicacies will be served to accompany the evening.

Entrance is free of charge, donations go to our crowdfunding project.
Due to the high demand, please reserve in advance under: 030-25048799.


15.12.2017 (Friday)

09:00 pm

Prof. Berges: „Mein Benn“

Gottfried Benn at the desk - Prof. Berges:"My Benn" - 15.12.2017 - 2017 - 20h00

Speaker | Prof. Wilhelm Berges
Piano | Andreas F. Staffel

Texts and poems by Gottfried Benn
Music by Schumann, Hindemith, Janacek, Schulhoff and Staffel

Free admission, donations welcome!

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25.11.2017 (Saturday)

09:00 pm

Chiharu TAKI and Emi MUNAKATA - Chamber Music Concert

Emi MUNAKATA | Piano - Chiharu TAKI | Violin

Chiharu TAKI | Violin
Emi MUNAKATA | Piano

Works by Beethoven, Schnittke and Franck

Admission: 10€/7€/6€

Children and young people free!

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11.11.2017 (Saturday)

09:00 pm

Portrait concert Ralf Hoyer

Portrait concert of the composer Ralf Hoyer

with Matthias Bauer | double bass

The portrait concert of the composer Ralf Hoyer focuses on Study IV for double bass and tape, which will be performed by the well-known Berlin bassist Matthias Bauer. Ralf Hoyer, a master student of Ruth Zechlin and Georg Katzer, will document the mutual stages of his life with sound and visual material.

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04.11.2017 (Saturday)

09:00 pm

Portrait concert Katharina Hanstedt, harp

Katharina Hanstedt (harp) - concert 03.11.2017

Katharina Hanstedt | harp

HARP presented by Katharina Hanstedt. Katharina Hanstedt is known to many as the solo harpist of the Konzerthausorchester, where she worked for over thirty years. She also taught harp at the Hanns Eisler Musikhochschule.

In the concert works by Bach, Ibert, Salzedo, Rubbert, Voigtländer, Huber and Staffel will be performed (first performance of Anthemion for harp solo).

Free admission (donations welcome)

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03.11.2017 (Friday)

09:00 pm

Jazzrock - The Bodhisatwa Trio Calcutta

The Bodhisatwa Trio Calcutta - concert 04.11.2017

TBodhisattwa Ghosh (composition, guitar), Bijit Bhattacharya (bass) and Premjit Dutta (drums)

“The Bodhisattwa Trio” is an Instrumental Experimental Avant Garde outfit from Kolkata, India, which believes in the expression of unadulterated human feelings, in the form of sounds created from the deep dark corners of the human mind. Depicting a unique mix of Jazz, Funk, drum-n- bass, Indian classical music, Rock and Blues, the trio delivers a sound that crosses over the barriers of genres and one that can only be termed as “unique”, with special emphasis on harmonic and rhythmic expansion, expressionism, theme and variation, virtuosity and spontaneous improvisation.

Admission: 10€/7€/6€ (children and young people free!)

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29.10.2017 (Sunday)

09:00 pm

Adi Neuhaus | piano, Daniel Pfennings | violin

Daniel Pfennings (violin) and Adik Neuhaus (piano)

Adi Neuhaus

Schubert / Liszt — Zwei Lieder
Rachmaninoff — Variations on a theme by Correlli
Bach / Busoni — Chaconne

Daniel Pfennings

Bach / Busoni — Chorale Ich rufe zu Dir, Herr
Yesaye — Sonate No.3 Ballade
Bach — Sonata No.1 in g-moll for solo violin, BWV 3001
Adagio, Presto

Fauré — Après un rêve

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