Ohrpheo is no ordinary music school. Every student who has been with us before is enthusiastic about the inspiring atmosphere of the room.

In 2009 I founded the music studio in Prenzlauer Berg (in the neighborhood between Winsstrasse and Prenzlauer Allee) with Dacheng Wang. What was once an empty storefront became a favorite venue of music lovers and afficionados and cemented itself as a part of the Berlin music scene that is here to stay.

Teaching with a passion for music

Together with my colleagues, who are award-winning graduates of the prestigious Hanns Eisler Hochschule in Berlin, Iprovide music lessons for all ages. Anyone looking for music lessons yourself or your child is welcome! (As long as enough space is available.) We have a broad and rich range of offerings, whether individual or group instrumental lessons, music theory and composition courses, intensive weekend courses or our popular "course on contemporary music." As part of our "Ohrpheo road" event,we visit places of musical interest in Berlin, such as our 2012 outing to the Musical Instrument Museum, or the Berlin Philharmonic. We teach with a passion for music and a lot of experience.

Find your own way

In Ohrpheo anyone who is curious to find his individual way of music. We begin teaching children aged four years and up, and additionally prepare our students for competitions or for conservatory entrance examinations. We also welcome adult beginners and adults who learned an instrument in their childhood and want to resume lessons. Currently, our youngest student is 5, and our oldest is 85! To accommodate working people, we teach by appointment in the evening or on weekends.

What do we offer?

We also teach popular music, without watering down the integrity of the music – our curriculum is comprises a well-rounded, substantive spectrum!

Upon request we provide you with a personalized program. We provide a 10% discount to unemployed, schoolkids, students or Hartz 4 receipients. Our goal is to convey the fun and knowledge of music to many people.

Concerts, exhibitions, readings

We host concerts with international artists twice a month . The Ohrpheo music studio also periodically has exhibitions, readings and film screenings (such as Russian Arc or Greetings from the Sea, with live piano accompaniment).

Boston wing, rentals, instrument purchase

If you would like to practice on our Boston Steinway grand piano or rent the Ohrpheo studio space  for yourself and your friends, please contact us by phone: 030-25048799.

We will gladly advise you on buying an instrument. In collaboration with our technical team, you can make your own audio and video recordings. At the Ohrpheo music studio you can find relaxation and excite your artistic muse without being distracted by outside noises.

Some words about me

In early childhood I learned from my Russian piano teacher Alla Blatow that making music is not limited to practicing on the instrument. She always encouraged me to deal with the intersections between music, literature, painting and film and took me along with many Russian-Jewish artists. During my studies and in numerous master classes I had the good fortune to study with some significant, and pedagogically completely different teachers (including those in the master class of Prof. Oleg Maisenberg, Vitali Margoulis, Bojidar Dimov at the Darmstadt summer courses, and several lessons with Wolfgang Rihm). These experiencesprovided important impulses and inspiration that have shaped me immensely.

As a composer and pianist, I was later able to impart my knowledge to numerous students on concert tours throughout the United States, Central America, China and Europe.. Today I have made Ohrpheo my home and turned it into a meeting place for many international musicians. This is where my compositions are formed, where solo and ensemble programs are rehearsed and where our students present their work in recitals twice a year to a wider audience.

Berlin, July 2012 Andreas F. Staffel

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