With Andreas F. Staffel I have found an excellent piano and composition teacher. I appreciate him for his excellent piano playing and his contemporary compositions. (Julius)

"One of the most rewarding and enjoyable things in life is to learn to play the piano. And for that it is never too late, I know, since I started lessons over a year ago in the music studio 'Ohrpheo' with Andreas Staffel. Classes are a vacation in everyday life, because I enjoy especially the quiet atmosphere of the Orpheo. Instruction is characterized by a high level of expertise and interested participation in my (more or less) learning progress. Andreas places great emphasis on quality and gives me every hour to feel another piece to be progressed. I am extremely happy to have found him as a piano teacher and look forward to more inspiring hours. Thanks a lot! " (Jutta H.)

"Read music, learn fingerings, recognize harmonies- all this is no secret anymore as (the composer and pianist) Andreas Staffel leads students with passion and care to the big and little wonders of the  music." (Christian)

"- From a high-profile concerts range from classical to avant-garde, it always precious example of classical Indian music and fusion, tango etc.
- Stimulating and inspiring lectures and philosophical conversations with the opportunity for interdisciplinary exchange of ideas (Music Philosophy Society-Art)
- Open-minded (open-minded), friendly and fun atmosphere - open to people with different background color, bring the joy of music, curiosity and openness "(Ursula S.)

"Une soirée majesteuse" (Chloe L., Canada on Matthieu Fortin)

"Mille Mercis accueil pour le belle au Ohrpheo Music Studio" (Matthieu F., Montreal)

"For the first time in Ohrpheo and equal on the stage! Thanks for sounding ride with Masha and mixing "(Stefanie and Pina)

Arte after a rotation for the science magazine Xenius in Ohrpheo:
"Merci pour le cadre merveilleux et si Inspirant pour notre emission sur la musique. Grace à vous cordialement. "Pierre et Cirast Dorthe Eickelberg (Arte-Xenius, Knowledge Magazine)

"Never before has a piano better than here" (Kristian)

"This evening was a win, keep it up" (Jens Andreas over Uta R.)

"It was wonderful! Singer and pianist harmonized, as if they already are working together for ages "(Marlies M., Berlin)

"Mi piace piace, piace tanto Ohrpheo" (Ornella)

"It was a wonderful evening, and I hope that there will be more such great concerts. Thank Ohrpheo." (Maria, 12 years)

"Nice place, a fine group of people and very good music" (Peter G.)

"Beautiful drawings, great show" (Anna)

"Music on glasses, what a great delight" (Phil)

"We are the friendly neighbors who like to visit you and your music is very much appreciated"

"Good thing  ..." (Dirk E., rock musician)

"Thank you for the great concert." (Dr. Michael S., Potsdam)

"Thank you for the great evening, I feel blessed and look forward to the next evening" (Miriam R.)

It was a perfect combination of lived life, music and photography (Jutta R. Berlin)

Everyone goes out of here with a smile. I did as well. (Mareijke)

"Great studio, beautiful pictures, unique atmosphere" (Katja)

"The Ohrpheo is a wonderful place to take in the music and literature. It is a great pleasure to be here "(Dr. W.B.)

"Thank you for the wonderful and relaxing evening. A very good atmosphere with music that moves the heart and soothes the soul "(Hildegard K.)

"Thanks for the nice atmosphere. The harp is inspired by light and snow. "(Nohra)

"Too bad I left at the intermission. Next time I will stay twice as long" (Jan" ICE "C.)

"Inspiration of the first modern jazz in our ears" (Nicole, Jenny and Max, students)

"Excelentes fotografias los del artista sevillano Don Carmelo Naranjo (Alderete)

"Ohrpheo-a beautiful idea in this town that can hopefully enjoy many artists and audiences" (Heike S.)

"Beautiful place, great people, a real place for the arts" (Matthias B., musician)

"Muito Obrigada, Hoje escutei una musica en que me entrou Coracao" (Bumbarela)

"Sweet place, especially the books and sofas, thanks for the great music and the images" (Fiora)

"Muchos gracias para el concierto lindo" (Gonzalo, Montevideo)

"Thank you very much. A wonderful place Ohrpheo is "(Irina, Moscow)

"Bolshoi Spaßibo! Thank you for a world "(Ruth W.)

"Ce fut très agrable" (J. Antoine, Quebec)

"Wonderful Events, continued desirable." (Tokie T., Tokyo-Berlin)

"We had an exceptionally good evening" (JH, Bad Homburg)

"Good luck with the diverse and beautiful events." (Michèle Gurdal, pianist)

"An eventful evening in this friendly neighborhood ark, all without plagiarism and with musical territory" (Martin R.)

"Tack för att Andreas och jag tick vara spela hear music! Tack ska du ha na dett divine." (Eric, Stockholm)

"Keep the music going. Keep it grooving "(JN Kumar, Mumbai)

"What a night. A real gift "(Yvonne on" Hommage à Debussy)

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