26.03.2018 (Monday)

10:00 pm

Dennis Sobolev (Israel), Electric Guitar

Fausto Romitelli: Trash Tv Trance
Tristan Murail: Vampire
Morton Feldman: The Possibility Of a New Work For Electric Guitar
Amnon Wolman: New Piece(N.N.)
Andreas F. Staffel: Kindled Spirit for Electric Guitar(WP.)

Free admission, donations welcome!

16.02.2018 (Friday)

09:00 pm

Jan Gerdes - Recitals PIANO MINIATURES

Conversation concert as part of our Startnext crowdfunding project

The renowned pianist and performer Jan Gerdes plays, apart from miniatures by Andreas F. Staffel, works by Chopin, Kurtag, Scriabin, Scarlatti, Massive Attack and others.

Selected culinary delicacies will be served to accompany the evening.

Entrance is free of charge, donations go to our crowdfunding project.
Due to the high demand, please reserve in advance under: 030-25048799.


15.12.2017 (Friday)

09:00 pm

Prof. Berges: „Mein Benn“

Gottfried Benn at the desk - Prof. Berges:

Speaker | Prof. Wilhelm Berges
Piano | Andreas F. Staffel

Texts and poems by Gottfried Benn
Music by Schumann, Hindemith, Janacek, Schulhoff and Staffel

Free admission, donations welcome!

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25.11.2017 (Saturday)

09:00 pm

Chiharu TAKI and Emi MUNAKATA - Chamber Music Concert

Emi MUNAKATA | Piano - Chiharu TAKI | Violin

Chiharu TAKI | Violin
Emi MUNAKATA | Piano

Works by Beethoven, Schnittke and Franck

Admission: 10€/7€/6€

Children and young people free!

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11.11.2017 (Saturday)

09:00 pm

Portrait concert Ralf Hoyer

Portrait concert of the composer Ralf Hoyer

with Matthias Bauer | double bass

The portrait concert of the composer Ralf Hoyer focuses on Study IV for double bass and tape, which will be performed by the well-known Berlin bassist Matthias Bauer. Ralf Hoyer, a master student of Ruth Zechlin and Georg Katzer, will document the mutual stages of his life with sound and visual material.

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04.11.2017 (Saturday)

09:00 pm

Portrait concert Katharina Hanstedt, harp

Katharina Hanstedt (harp) - concert 03.11.2017

Katharina Hanstedt | harp

HARP presented by Katharina Hanstedt. Katharina Hanstedt is known to many as the solo harpist of the Konzerthausorchester, where she worked for over thirty years. She also taught harp at the Hanns Eisler Musikhochschule.

In the concert works by Bach, Ibert, Salzedo, Rubbert, Voigtländer, Huber and Staffel will be performed (first performance of Anthemion for harp solo).

Free admission (donations welcome)

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03.11.2017 (Friday)

09:00 pm

Jazzrock - The Bodhisatwa Trio Calcutta

The Bodhisatwa Trio Calcutta - concert 04.11.2017

TBodhisattwa Ghosh (composition, guitar), Bijit Bhattacharya (bass) and Premjit Dutta (drums)

“The Bodhisattwa Trio” is an Instrumental Experimental Avant Garde outfit from Kolkata, India, which believes in the expression of unadulterated human feelings, in the form of sounds created from the deep dark corners of the human mind. Depicting a unique mix of Jazz, Funk, drum-n- bass, Indian classical music, Rock and Blues, the trio delivers a sound that crosses over the barriers of genres and one that can only be termed as “unique”, with special emphasis on harmonic and rhythmic expansion, expressionism, theme and variation, virtuosity and spontaneous improvisation.

Admission: 10€/7€/6€ (children and young people free!)

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29.10.2017 (Sunday)

09:00 pm

Adi Neuhaus | piano, Daniel Pfennings | violin

Daniel Pfennings (violin) and Adik Neuhaus (piano)

Adi Neuhaus

Schubert / Liszt — Zwei Lieder
Rachmaninoff — Variations on a theme by Correlli
Bach / Busoni — Chaconne

Daniel Pfennings

Bach / Busoni — Chorale Ich rufe zu Dir, Herr
Yesaye — Sonate No.3 Ballade
Bach — Sonata No.1 in g-moll for solo violin, BWV 3001
Adagio, Presto

Fauré — Après un rêve

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19.10.2017 (Thursday)

10:00 pm

Portrait concert Antje Thierbach | Im hohen Holz - a short history of the oboe

Antje Thierbach | oboe

The renowned oboeist Antje Thierbach (Ensemble Modern, Klangforum Wien) takes us on a hike through the high woods of her oboe family. She will give us a glimpse of the inner life of her instruments.Beside the traditional oboe, one can hear the oboe d'amore, the cor anglais, the baritone oboe and the huge Heckelphon.

Antje Thierbach plays a selection of recent works, some of which have been specially composed for her. The program includes compositions by Heinz Holliger, Tobias Schwenke, Helmut Oehring and a premiere of Andreas F. Staffel.

Admission: free (donations are wellcome)

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28.09.2017 (Thursday)

10:00 pm

Ulrike Brand: „Biertrinken im Regen“ | Drinking beer in the rain

Ulrike Brand with cello. Foto by Paetrick Schmidt.

Radio play by Ulrike Brand
with texts by Heinz Czechowski
and Günter Eich
Russian post-poetry: Sergey Moreino
Read by Sergey Moreino (russian)
and Ulrike Brand (German)
Cello: Ulrike Brand

Mucic: Among others premiere of  'For Ulrike for violoncello solo' by Andreas F. Staffel.

Admission: free (donations are wellcome)

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21.09.2017 (Thursday)

09:00 pm

Ways to Contemporary Music": What comes out of my socket? - A brief history of electronic musical instruments (and their music)

Ways to Contemporary Music: History of electronic music - Sebastian Berweck

Ways to Contemporary Music (Lecture III): What comes out of my socket? - A brief history of electronic musical instruments (and their music)

Lecturer: Sebastian Berweck

Today 's evening is supposed to illuminate a bit about the whole electronics, from the beginnings during the invention of the telephone through the 20 - ton Telharmonium in New York City to the beginnings of electronic music in the studios of Cologne and Cologne Paris to music production on the computer. So a lecture with lots of music and pictures, and you can learn something else. Enjoy yourself.

Admission: free, donations are wellcome

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09.09.2017 (Saturday)

10:00 pm

"Der Saal der verlorenen Schritte" - Trio für zeitgenössischen Jazz

Henry Mex (Kontrabass, E-Bass, Electronics)
Philipp Danzeisen (Drums)
Jan Gerdes (Klavier, Synthesizer)

Der Pianist Jan Gerdes, renommierter Interpret klassischer, zeitgenössischer Klaviermusik und Electronica, und Henry Mex, Bassist, Komponist und Theatermusiker, gründeten 2017 ein Trio in klassischer Jazzbesetzung mit Schlagzeug. Impulsgebend war die Vision der Verbindung ihrer Erfahrungen der komplexen Klangvorstellungen und Denkweisen der Neuen Musik mit den Rhythmen, der Harmonik und dem faszinierenden Phänomen der Improvisation des zeitgenössischen Jazz. Es entsteht eine pulsierende, ausdifferenzierte und sinnliche Musik an der Schnittstelle akustischer und elektronischer Klänge im Spannungsfeld zwischen Komposition und Improvisation.

Der "Saal der verlorenen Schritte" ist die Beschreibung einer Bahnhofsschalterhalle im Roman “Aus tiefsten Vergessen” des französischen Schriftstellers Patrick Modiano. Dieses Leitmotiv wählte sich das Trio als Inspiration. Ein Bild für das Warten auf Züge, die aus verschiedenen Richtungen kommen und in verschiedene Richtungen gehen. Vielleicht sind die “verlorenen Schritte” auch die in der Musikgeschichte offen gebliebenen Verbindungen zwischen Jazz, Klassik, Neuer Musik und Electronica.

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02.09.2017 (Saturday)

10:00 pm

Modern music and the theory of simulation by Jean Baudrillard

Modern music and the theory of simulation by Jean Baudrillard (1929-2007). Lecture followed by a panel discussion. Event in collaboration with Festival EnCounterpoints.

Speaker: Jürgen Voigt
Andreas F. Staffel, piano

Pavlos Antoniadis (pianist & Musicologist), Jan Gerdes (pianist), Marc Lippuner (line honeycomb), Julius Holtz (Composition and Sonic Arts), Andreas F. Staffel (Composer & Pianist), Jürgen Voigt (Moderation)

Admission: free (donations are wellcome)

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Exhibition - TER HELL

Ter Hell exhibition music school Ohrpheo September 2017

Exhibition opening | Friday | 01.09.2017 | 7pm
The artist will be present.

von Peter Friese, Weserburg – Museum für moderne Kunst, Bremen
siehe www.weserburg.de/index.php?id=878&0=<

The paintings by ter Hell (*1954) unites elements of the German informel with those of the abstract expressionism of the New York school and combines it with the sign language of graffiti art. Non-representational forms of color, which arise in the direct gesture, connect ter Hell with rich subculture. In a provocative manner, he also integrates sentence fragments and speech signs with his aerosol can into his abstract image world. Unlike the "young savages," who drew attention to themselves after 1980 with figurative and partly bright neo-expressive images, ter Hell maintained a non-figurative, but also violent, gestural painting.


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25.08.2017 (Friday)

09:30 pm

Everything is possible - Israel & Palästina | Pictures - sounds - movement

Everything is possible - A workshop with Nama and Eid (Palestine) and Eyal (Israel). An evening with photographs short films, livemusik (oud and percussions) and dance from Israel and Palestine. The donations will go to a medical care project in Hebron.

Free admission, donations

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