09.12.2022 (Friday)

08:00 pm

„Songs and Improvisations“ Jan Gerdes - piano solo

Jan Gerdes - Songs and Improvisations

Jan Gerdes | Piano

The Berlin pianist Jan Gerdes, renowned interpreter of both classical-romantic and contemporary piano recitals, has for many years, at first in secret but in recent years increasingly coming into the public eye, been musically engaged as a border crosser between classical music, new music, electronics and performance with the interface of contemporary piano music and the sounds of electronic club culture.

Admission free/donations requested

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16.12.2022 (Friday)

07:30 pm

Kurs auf Neue Musik (XI) - The late sixties: "Music is nolens volens political"

Course to New Music (X) - The Late Sixties - Music is Political

Lecturer: Andreas F. Staffel

Luigi Nono: Intolleranza (1960)
Hans Werner Henze: Sinfonia N. 6 (1969)
Luciano Berio: Sinfonietta (Oh King, to the Memory of Martin Luther King) (1969)
Bernd Alois Zimmermann: Requiem for a Young Poet (1969)

On the basis of these important works from the 1960s, we will explore the question of how the political changes and worldwide student protests affected the composers' works. And what relevance the topic still has today.

As always, explained on the grand piano and with historical sound and film examples.

Admission free, donations allowed!

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