Andreas F. Staffel (Music teacher composition lessons)
Andreas F. Staffel - Composition lessons

It teaches you Andreas F. Staffel. Read more about the concept and design of his lessons here.

The course is aimed at amateur composers, classical musicians, jazz or pop musicians, church musicians, prospective music students or instrumentalists.

In my composition lessons, apart from the compositional technique and notation, it is important to discover the individual composer's personality. Experience has shown that this takes some time. In my lessons I try to help develop the students' ideas together and put them into a form. We work together on the development of our own handwriting (under consideration of modern notation programs such as Sibelius, of course). At the beginning there is the unified melody formation with different scales. During the course, two-part small pieces in the octave space are added. We learn the classical forms such as canon, fugue, sonata or song form. At the same time, important works of classical literature are analysed. We compose songs and instrumental pieces to texts and pictures. It is also essential to learn the instruments and their possibilities. A visit to the theatre or an art exhibition can also be part of our composition lessons. I have successfully prepared many students for the entrance examination at music academies. Some of them have won prizes in composition competitions such as "Jugend komponiert" (Youth composes).

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For beginners and professional musicians, e-musicians, singers and instrumentalists, to prepare for the entrance examination at the Musikhochschule.

Music theory is generally also included in the music studio Ohrpheo's instrumental lessons. In our theory course we impart the necessary basic knowledge. That includes:

Knowledge of harmony theory, simple and extended cadences, harmonization of songs and practical song accompaniment, polyphonic movement (chorales), basic knowledge of counterpoint and analysis. We prepare for the entrance examination at music academies, but we also teach advanced music students.

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