Jono Sendai (live electronics)

Jono Sendai, born 1982 in Bremen, studied sound studies at the University of the Arts in Berlin. His professors included Karl Bartos (Kraftwerk) and Robert Henke (aka Monolake and developer of Ableton Live).

Jono Sendai has been working professionally and intensively with Ableton Live as a producer, sound designer and DJ for ten years. He uses the program in music production and as a live instrument on stage.

His teaching and coaching is aimed at beginners and advanced learners. The following topics are part of the lesson:

Beginners Introduction to Ableton Live software and live equipment
Intermediate to Advanced Detailed technical tricks with Live's instruments and effects, independent work with Ableton Live and the future realization of own productions
Efficiency Create a fast and efficient workflow
Creativity Techniques that help you develop your creative potential
Final completion Overcoming obstacles on the way to the finished track

Jono Sendai und Live-Elektronik

In addition, I can supervise your production from the beginning to the creation of a finished demo and can also take over the mastering of your track.

Special lessons could be:
Producing beats, sampling, mastering, effect and processing, recording vocals, etc.


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