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  • Movie: The Enforced Disappearance of Sombath Somphone

2018, Ran Quinn, 52 Min., engl OF (deutsche Untertitel)

Free entrance, donations welcome

Vientiane, capital of Lao People's Republic, one of the last remaining communist states on earth. In December 2012, CCTV recordings of the kidnapping of a Laotian community activist by obviously state agents go virally around the world. The EU Parliament, US John Kerry and relatives react with shock and indignation, demanding answers. To this day, the government of Laos denies any participation.

At the pace of a who-done-it thriller, the film documents the life, time and harrowing video evidence of the alleged disappearance of one of Laos's most prominent citizens. In addition to Sombath's commitment to an open and tolerant Laos, the documentary also shows the country's more recent history. Based on the last interview before his disappearance, the award-winning film was completed in 2018.

Following the film, Shui-Meng Ng, Sombath Somphone's wife, will be present for a discussion. Born in Singapore, she worked for UNICEF in China, East Timor and Laos.

organized by the Metropolis Kino Hamburg
sponsored by Engagement Global

Free entrance
Donations welcome

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