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  • Kurs auf Neue Musik (IX) - John Cage and the aleatoric counterpoint

Lecturer: Andreas F. Staffel

In the mid-fifties, the American composer John Cage stirred up the New Music scene, which had been dominated by the strict-serial Darmstadt School in the years before. Hardly anyone could escape his influence. Aleatoric music was born and had a great impact on the following generations.

We deal with Cage's legendary Piano Concerto of 1957, which exerted a great spell on the important Polish composer Witold Lutosławski in particular. A performance of 4'33 is also not to be missed, as well as the Music of Changes and Lutoslawski's Jeux Vénitien.

As always, explained on the grand piano and with historical sound examples.

Admission free, donations allowed!

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