Mohammed Alsharif, vocals
Ammar, oud
Waleed, oud
Ali Baba, accordion
Raed Turk, drum

Songs and instrumental pieces from the Arab world, presented by Arab singer Mohammed Alsharif

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About Mohammed Sharif

Singer - Composer - Songwriter: He was born in Syria (Aleppo). He studied academic music with highly qualified Syrian musicians at the Aleppo Institute of Music and completed his studies. He has also given numerous concerts in and outside Syria, Turkey and Europe. He has produced many songs, including: Ayounk Teatlni, elli Shi Kelme, Helm Halab, Horiat Alby and most recently Superman of love.

أمسية موسيقية يحييها الفنان محمد الشريف مع فرقته الموسيقية

محمد الشريف، غناء
عمار، عود
وليد، عود
علي بابا، اكورديون
وسام، كمان

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