14.02.2020 (Friday)

08:00 pm

Antje Thierbach | Tobias Krebs: SCHILF – Ried-Reed-Rohr – RHIZOM

Antje Thierbach | Oboe
Tobias Krebs | Guitar

The motto of the concert, reed, evokes the most diverse associations. One associates idyll, something songlike, but also campfire romanticism with reed. The widely ramified root system of the plants, the rhizome, on the other hand, evokes completely different associations. On the one hand single shoots grow up to 3 cm a day, on the other hand 6000 year old intact systems have been found. At the beginning of the 1970s, Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari took up the image of these structures as a metaphor and developed the philosophical concept of rhizomatics, thereby providing essential impulses for the theory of science, media philosophy and cultural studies, among others. The program of the evening picks up the manifold possibilities of association of the rhizome in some aspects.

Free admission (donations welcome)

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Electronic Music Production with Ableton - The Crash Course

Music Production with Ableton Live

COURSE MODULES - each 7 hours with break (11:00 to 18 o'clock)
Coach: Julius Holtz

If you need a professional and hands-on introduction to Ableton Live and electronic music production, this course is for you. The course gives an introduction to the DAW (Ableton), an overview of the program's own instruments, synthesizers and audio effects. Here you will learn everything you need to know to get started as a music producer.

You will learn how to put your ideas into practice, how to work in a focused way, how the software works and what it does to produce your individual sound. Project-related practical exercises help you to apply what you have learned directly! Use the social moment of the course to get in touch with other participants and benefit from the professionalism and long experience of your coach, who will be at your side (unlike in a Youtube tutorial). Anytime!

Price: 164,00 Euro
5 to 9 participants

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