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  • Ways to Contemporary Music": What comes out of my socket? - A brief history of electronic musical instruments (and their music)

Lecturer: Sebastian Berweck

Admission: free admission, donations

Music - this is used to connect violins, pianos and wind instruments. Electronics and electricity seem to be at odds with them, but almost all the music we hear is influenced by them: the stereo system, recording methods, transmission to the media, radio and cable, and not least the production of the music itself Have long been dominated by electronics. Those who listen to pop and film music today hear electronic music. And, of course, you should not forget the fantastic instruments like the electric guitar, the electric organ, the Fender Rhodes or the synthesizers, for which many would sell their grandma. One can therefore ask the question why music on electric instruments seems to be alien to many, while on a box of wood taut and a horse's arm painted with a horse's bosom causes warm, harmonious feelings. And what does the cat actually say?

Today 's evening is supposed to illuminate a bit about the whole electronics, from the beginnings during the invention of the telephone through the 20 - ton Telharmonium in New York City to the beginnings of electronic music in the studios of Cologne and Cologne Paris to music production on the computer. So a lecture with lots of music and pictures, and you can learn something else. Enjoy yourself.

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