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  • Kurs auf Neue Musik (IV): Kurs auf Neue Musik (IV): Stories of soldiers and other characters

Lecturer: Andreas F. Staffel

The First World War was a major turning point and had a major impact on the work of composers at the time. Examples of this are the music theater work 'The Soldier's Tale' (1917) by Igor Stravinsky and the opera Wozzek (1925) by Alban Berg, in each of which a soldier is the main character.

Both works are the focus of our evening. In addition to excerpts played on the piano, we will also hear historical recordings. We will also experience the fascination of the so-called Golden Twenties in jazz-oriented piano works by Schulhoff and Hindemith.

Due to the limited number of seats, reservations are recommended at 030-25048799 or info@ohrpheo.de.

Admission free/donations welcome

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