About: "Le sacre du Printemps" and the "Firebird"

The world premiere of Stravinsky's epochal "Sacre" is considered one of the biggest scandals in the still young history of New Music. Together we will explore the genesis of the work and its impact.

As always, explained on the grand piano and with historical recordings.

Lecturer: Andreas F. Staffel

Admission: free (donations allowed)

Ohrpheo helps you to better understand New Music

Many people are familiar with the phenomenon: they hear new sounds, but often have the feeling that they are listening to a foreign language that they do not understand. In contrast to works of abstract painting, which are presented in public spaces today as a matter of course, new music is still often met with a lack of understanding. Yet some of what is called new is already more than a hundred years old. Curiosity and an open mind are all you need to take part in our course.

Once a month, composer Andreas F. Staffel will take you on a journey through the various eras of new music history. In a relaxed atmosphere, you will experience the most important works of the era, explained at the piano or with audio examples. Afterwards, there will be an opportunity to discuss the music over a glass of wine.


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