Bodhisattwa Ghosh (composition, guitar), Bijit Bhattacharya (bass) and Premjit Dutta (drums)

Admission: 10€/7€/6€ (children and young people free!)

“The Bodhisattwa Trio” is an Instrumental Experimental Avant Garde outfit from Kolkata, India, which believes in the expression of unadulterated human feelings, in the form of sounds created from the deep dark corners of the human mind. Depicting a unique mix of Jazz, Funk, drum-n- bass, Indian classical music, Rock and Blues, the trio, with Bodhisattwa Ghosh (Compositions,Guitar),Bijit Bhattacharya (Bass) and Premjit Dutta (Drums) delivers a sound that crosses over the barriers of genres and one that can only be termed as “unique”, with special emphasis on harmonic and rhythmic expansion, expressionism, theme and variation, virtuosity and spontaneous improvisation.

Formed in 2012, the trio has 2 full length albums under their belt. Their 1 st album “Intersections” was released in 2014. Their 2 nd album “Heart of Darkness”, released in 2016, has been critically acclaimed throughout India, and has been featured in the “Top 10 releases in 2016 in India” by Rolling Stone India. After touring all across India multiple times, they are right now on a tour of Germany, Poland, Croatia and Lithuania, performing material from their 1 st 2 albums as well as new unreleased material that the band has been working on.

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