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  • Harry Lehmann: From musical notation to sample composition - How digitalization is changing art music (Festival EnCounterpoints 2019)

The second festival day of EnCounterpoints 2019 begins with a lecture on 'From musical notation to sample composition', given by the renowned author Dr. Harry Lehmann (Die digitale Revolution in der Musik, Gehaltsästhetik), followed by a discussion. The discussion will be chaired by Jürgen Voigt.

Admission: 6 € | 5 € | 4 € (Berlinpass)
Admission concert + lecture Harry Lehmann: 12 € | 10 € | 8 €
(Free admission for children and teenagers)

Digitalization leads to a break with a thousand-year musical culture based on the reading and writing of music. Whereas art music was previously composed in the medium of notes, today - not only in popular music, but also in art music - samples are developing into a new medium of composition. Pop music, which emerged in the 20th century, had anticipated this break, insofar as a new storage medium for music emerged with the record and later with the tape. But it is only when digitalisation has also captured the music that is most strongly anchored in musical notation, i.e. the new music, that one can speak of the end of the era of literary music culture.

Such a development, reaching to the furthest corners of art music, can be seen today on the horizon. The essential characteristic of this epoch break is the emergence of a new storage and distribution medium: the medium of digital samples, which - like music notation a millennium ago - carries the potential of a new composition medium.

About Harry Lehmann

Harry Lehmann is a philosopher currently living and working in Berlin, Germany. His area of theoretical work lies in the fields of aesthetics, art philosophy, music philosophy, systems theory, and social theory. His writings include books, critical articles and catalogue essays on contemporary art, literature and New Music.

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