Photo by Kerstin Fakler - Ter Hell at Weserburg 2016
Ter Hell (Photo by Kerstin Fakler)

Exhibition opening | Friday | 01.09.2017 | 7pm
The artist will be present.


von Dr. Ernst A. Busche zu ter Hells Solo-Show (online)

Ter Hell's work "amazes [...] with its stylistic diversity - as if here is not a single artist at work but a multitude. Ter Hell opposes the basic idea of art, which has been valid for centuries, the stylistic unity, with his own project: he gives his changing themes the appropriate form. Dis-continuity is the vaulting unity of this work, the stylistic principle is a break in style.

In the great new beginning of Berlin art around 1980, ter Hell belonged to the group 1/61, the more conceptually oriented competition to the neo-expressive painting of the Galerie am Moritzplatz (1/61 was the postal delivery district of the western Kreuzberg, parallel to SO 36 for the eastern part). As a pupil of the Tachist old master Fred Thieler, he takes over his joy in experimentation as well as his gestural approach. The other point of resistance is Jackson Pollock. The mixture of typically Berlin, snotty impudence and politically charged, anarchic protest culture on the one hand, and cosmopolitanism and international orientation on the other, has since shaped his work.

This stylistically disparate work combines two approaches. One is reflection, analysis, thinking. Considerations on the compositional and structural possibilities drive the artist from picture to picture with a certain lack of breath. In general, physical movement plays a major role in his work, as a dancer - sometimes like a jumper - orbits and shapes his works. Next to it stands the place of thought itself, the brain: a whole series is named after this organ, brain currents find their form as a maze of threads, as "energetic chains". The cerebral clotting of words and concepts.

The second approach is political, socially critical thinking. The purpose of my artistic work,"says ter Hell," is to try to find a place from which I can counteract brainwashing, corruption and capitalism,"as a vigilant observer he wants to elucidate the" conditions ", the" system ", to create a general, critical awareness of the image from his position as an artist. A central target of attack is the digitally processed replacement world, he dreams of a big crash,"as if Zeus would throw lightning flashes and all the online traffic would collapse".

Anyone who traces the emotions of this pictorial world discovers a certain melancholy, perhaps even despair, behind the rational,"cool" attitude and the occasionally overflowing, almost insubordinate actionism - not only about the state of the world in general, but also about individual destiny. It is about the existential being thrown back on oneself, about the task of each individual to determine and maintain his or her place in the world - about the desire to overcome the unhoused. [...]"

Curator of the exhibition: Frank Benno Junghanns (*1964) works as an artist humorously dealing with inconsistencies and abysses of interpersonal relationships and social norms. As an "art landlord" - curator, exhibition organizer, designer - he has been designing media and spaces for communication since 1992. These include interactive installations, his communication and exhibition design for the art sector and his curatorial work, including the Kunstfaktor Produzentengalerie Berlin (52 exhibitions from 1998 to 2010). He also arranged and organized the latest exhibition in the Ohrpheo by ter Hell.


geboren in Norden
Studium an der Hochschule der Künste Berlin bei Fred Thieler, Meisterschüler
Gründung der Künstlergruppe und Galerie 1/61, Berlin
PS1 Stipendium, New York
Kunstpreis Glockengasse Köln
Philip Morris-Preis: Dimensionen IV – Neue Malerei in Deutschland

ter Hell lebt und arbeitet in Berlin


Einzelausstellungen fanden u.a. in der von ter Hell mitbegründeten Galerie 1/61 und den Galerien Nothelfer, Fahnemann, Pels-Leusden, Manfred Giesler (alle Berlin) sowie Dany Keller (München) und Tilly Haderek (Stuttgart) statt. In den letzten Jahren wurden die Arbeiten vor allem im Freien Museum Berlin, der Kunstfakor Produzentengalerie Berlin und dem Kunstraum L102 in Berlin gezeigt. Eine Präsentation mit knapp 50 Werken aus der Sammlung Böckmann war 2015/2016 im Museum Weserburg Bremen, zu sehen.
Eine umfangreiche Werkschau ist ständig im Hotel Pullman Berlin Schweizerhof zu besichtigen.


Alkohol, Nikotin fff · Galerie am Moritzplatz · Berlin
12 Räume – 12 Künstler · DAAD Galerie · Berlin

Junge Kunst aus Berlin · Goethe-Institut München; gezeigt in Berlin · London · Singapur und anderen Orten – bis 1982
Große Kunstausstellung · München

Ten Young Painters from Berlin · Goethe-Institut · London
Forum Junge Kunst 81 · Wolfsburg · Düsseldorf · Kiel
Bildwechsel – Neue Malerei aus Deutschland · Akademie der Künste · Berlin
Situation Berlin · Museum Nizza · Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven
Phoenix« · Alte Oper · Frankfurt
Dimension 81 – Neue Tendenzen der Zeichnung · München, Berlin, Düsseldorf

10 x Malerei · Parallel-Ausstellung zu Chaim Soutine · Landesmuseum Münster
Gefühl & Härte · Neue Kunst aus Berlin · Kulturhuset Stockholm · Kunstverein München
Zeichnung heute · 2. Internationale Jugendtriennale der Zeichnung · Nürnberg, Lausanne, Lissabon
Galeria Peccolo · Livorno (mit Reinhard Pods und Gerd Rohling)
Made in New York · Paintings and Sculptures by Four Contemporary German Artists – Thomas Bernsten · ter Hell, Barbara Quandt, Klaus Schmitt · Goethe-Institut · New York
Sieben im Kutscherhaus · Sammlung Dr. Stober · Berlin
New European and American Drawing · Piran, Jugoslawien

Xenophilia · The Clocktower Institute for Art and Urban Resources · New York
Dimension IV – Neue Malerei in Deutschland · Nationalgalerie Berlin, Haus der Kunst München, Kunsthalle Düsseldorf

Neue Malerei Berlin« · Kestner-Gesellschaft · Hannover
Kunstlandschaft Bundesrepublik Deutschland« · Stuttgart, Ulm, Reutlingen

Kunst in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 1945 – 1985 · Nationalgalerie Berlin
Drawings – 12 Artists from Berlin · Wanderausstellung Goethe-Institut Kairo

Berlin Aujourd’hui · Musée de Toulon · Toulon, Frankreich
7. Internationale Biennale der Grafik · Mulhouse, Frankreich
Von Beuys bis Stella · Kupferstichkabinett Berlin
Kunst in Berlin von 1870 bis heute – Sammlung der Berlinischen Galerie« · Martin-Gropius-Bau · Berlin

Berlin Art 1961 – 1987 · Museum of Modern Art · New York · und San Francisco Museum
Dallas – Berlin · Crescent Gallery · Dallas, Texas
Bremer Kunstpreis · Kunsthalle Bremen
desire for life · Pictures from Berlin · Goethe-Institute der USA und Kanada

Malerei des 20. Jahrhunderts · Martin-Gropius-Bau · Berlin
Kunst in Berlin von 1900 bis heute · Centro de Arte Moderna · Lissabon

Ambiente Berlin · Biennale Venedig

Berliner Kunst seit 45 · Museen in Riga und St. Petersburg

Sammlung der Berlinischen Galerie · Berlin

Deutsche Kunst nach 1945 · Kunstmuseum Bonn
100 Jahre Kunst im Aufbruch · Berlinische Galerie · Bonn · Grenoble · Valencia · Porto · Budapest

Ich bin’s – Zwischenspiel V · Berlinische Galerie im Kunstforum der Grundkreditbank Berlin

Die aufregende Kunst des 20. Jahrhunderts · Neue Nationalgalerie · Berlin
Eine Dekade – 10 Einsichten · Kunstfaktor Produzentengalerie · Berlin

Vom Esprit der Gesten · Kupferstichkabinett · Berlin

Synekdoche – The Artists Show · Freies Museum Berlin

Let’s Fix It! … It’s Fixed! · Freies Museum Berlin

Brut Interstellar · Kunstaum F200 · Berlin

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