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  • Kurs auf Neue Musik: From Pierrot Lunaire to Sacre du Printemps. Schoenberg versus Stravinsky

Covid-19 hygiene concept: In the Ohrpheo music studio, the so-called 2-G rule applies. Only those who are recovered or vaccinated may attend our events. Appropriate proof must be presented.

The Kurs auf Neue Musik series was launched in 2012 on the initiative of composer and pianist Andreas F. Staffel. Since then, events have been held regularly each year to introduce the different periods of New Music history to a diverse audience of amateurs and music connoisseurs. A special interest lies in the introduction of a younger audience. Starting from 1907, the year of birth of modern music, Andreas F. Staffel, alternating with colleagues, explains the different epochs and stylistic changes in the past hundred and fifteen years.

Starting with Gustav Mahler's Tenth Symphony and the farewell to Romanticism, we will embark on a journey through time to the origins of atonal, dodecaphonic serial, electronic music and on to key works of spectral music and multimedia conceptualism. In addition to the most prominent representatives of the individual styles, we also encounter forgotten repertoire lowlings such as the generation of Soviet futurists of the twenties.

We experience the difference of Arnold Schönberg's twelve-tone compositions in comparison to his contemporary Joseph Matthias Hauer, explore the question of humor in serial music and perform 4:33 by Cage together.

Atmosphères and the surface compositions of György Ligeti are also an important topic, as is the Musique Concrete Instrumental of a Helmut Lachenmann.

We explore the question of the common ground between New Simplicity and New Complexity. In addition to a retrospective of one hundred years of Donaueschingen, we look at the perspectives for the future.

The course on New Music takes place in twelve modules once a month on a Friday.

Individual sound examples are demonstrated on the grand piano, synthesizer or in historical sound and film recordings.

The course will be followed by an open discussion of the listening experiences over drinks and snacks.

Admission is free, donations requested!

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